August 7th, 2004

Nerd picnic, cups of pie

Today was the most beautiful day ever. I had a picnic with the nerds, made some black bean burgers which came out ok, not soo great but better than that fake meat bocrap burgers.

The PPK is supposed to be in The Brooklyn Papers this week but I couldn't find one around, and they haven't updated their website yet. I'll post a link when they update it. I'm excited, it makes me feel like a Brooklyn Celebrity.

I made 2 pies for the picnic, a cherry one and an apple crumb. I'll probably post recipes eventually, but I made this amazing discovery about pie filling. Tapioca flour works better than anything I've ever used, the cherry pie was so thick and gooey it almost tasted unhealthy, but in a good way, and it was actually really healthy. We had to eat them out of paper expresso cups because by the time pie was served we ran out of plates. Here's my brother in law with his cup-o-pie.

I actually really liked the concept, if we had some vanilla ice cream it would have been even better, yum, a friggin' pie sunday.