July 20th, 2004

Why isn't there a veggie restaurant in Park Slope?

I want to open a vegetarian restaurant in Park Slope. Can you believe that there isn't one? All the moms haven't gotten together and rioted to make it happen, Birkenstocks flying hither and fro. More like prada shoes but whatever, like I know what Prada is.

Anyway, the problem is money. I don't have any. I keep trying to save but no way am I ever going to save 80 Gs. So if you happen to have some oney burning a hole in your pocket and you want to open one also, then get in touch with me. I don't actually expect anyone to, but you know there is always that one implausible story that you hear so I'm trying to create an implausible story. Just think, when we're 80 and vegetarian media moguls we'll look back on this post and laugh and clink our champagne glasses as we dip our manicured feet in a sea of soy milk.