June 22nd, 2004


We finished filming our tamales show and it was awesome. I think it will be our breakthrough show, if there were breakthrough shows on public access. But this is the one they'll be talking about on our True Hollywood stories.

The Cuban Cowboys were a lot of fun and great sports, spitting corn and wearing aprons. The tamales came out perfect, and we managed to make papaya salsa, guacamole and salsa verde. We even managed to survive chemical warfare in the from of a very powerful red onion that left our mascara running.

A neighbor came up to complain because we were making too much noise on the roof while hitting the George Bush pinata. For some reason everyone else in the building is allowed to be as loud as they want, the second I make a little noise it's lights out. Maybe they held a building meeting and decided to persecute me. Because I'm punk. Which reminds me, it always makes me laugh when white punks say they understand racism because they get treated unfairly for being punk.

Still our Passover episode is not done being edited. I guess this will be our darkest hour in the True Hollywood Story. The show is great but editing it turned into a nightmare when Lou, our editor actually went and got a job. Two months later, after I tried editing it myself, he came to his senses and quit said job and had to start editing all over again because I lost a track of sound. Perfectionist. So it's coming along, someday we will see those matzoh balls on the big screen. For now.... the tamales!