April 2nd, 2004


There are so many dishes that I want to make, sometimes it gets overwhelming and I end up having pasta again. The thing is that since I've been doing this website, I have to write down the recipe for what I'm making as I'm making it, and sometimes it gets frustrating because I'm used to punk rock cooking: no recipes, come what may, devil may care, throw caution to the wind. But it's always worth it to see the reviews and receive emails that say the recipe rocked. (If someone doesn't like one of my recipes it sends me into a black pit of despair)

Anyways, here are some things that I want to make and hopefully I will in the next couple of weeks:
~Homemade spinach gnocchi with Italian salsa verde
~A good, simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting
~Home made ravioli
~Hors d'Oeuvres, I realize that the site is extremely lacking in this. I want to make asparagus wrapped in zucchini, which is something I had at my aunt's passover last year and meant to make ever since.
~I want to perfect my fritatta recipe, it's been coming along!

Hey, leave comments so I know that you were here. Ain't too proud to beg.