March 27th, 2004

Bird watching and assault rifles

Today was the first spring-y feeling day. Of course I slept till noon. I awoke to a really nice e-mails, one from Herbivore Magazine that I was really excited about since that is probably the best veggie mag that there is and they have "Praise Seitan" t-shirts.After much sitting around (dawdling, as my mom nmight say) Justin and I finally headed out for our usual Park Slope adventure. As soon as we stepped out of the apartment we were all smiles, the air was warm and we could smell the park just a few blocks away. The guys down the street had their hoochie ride parked and hip hop blaring. We turned the corner to find a policeman with an assault rifle stationed outside a temple on Eastern Parkway. Holy shit. We took a closer look and there were a lot of cop cars and 2 other cops with rifles, standing there chatting with the moms. See Park Slope is all moms and dogs, niceness and food co-ops and birkenstocks and even the police with assault rifles are not spared a chatting up by the moms on their way to and from the farmers market. Anyway, what I assume was going on is that they were guarding the temple from some sort of threat due to the recent assassination of the Hamas leader in Israel. On we went.

We walked through the park and looked out for any cool birds we might see. By the "tot lot" (all that matters in Park Slope is that you have a child or 10) we came upon this group of trees that seemed and unlikely place (due to it's proximity to the street) for all the birds we saw. Starlings, robins, and our jackpot find, a downy woodpecker. So we got all amped up and decided to become real birdwatchers. We went to the used bookstore on 7th avenue to find a book for identifying birds but no luck. We did end up with a good book about Darwin though and one about physics. We then went to the anarchist bookstore and did find a bird book, only that when I say anarchist bookstore I mean Barnes and Noble. We couldn't find any binoculars, but we went back to the park, saw more Robins, and went home. I found this awesome map of Prospect Park bird watching hot beds though.

I made an udon stir-fry with spinach and tempeh, it was pretty good, we haven't been doing Asian cooking lately so it was a welcomed change. It's been all about the Italian food lately, which may explain why I am not fitting into any of my pants. But I will have to mange to fit into something so that we can go protest the proposed basketball stadium some rich guy and a bunch of sports lovers want to build in our neighborhood. Yeah, the man always wins but we have to fight the good pointless fight anyway.