March 20th, 2004

Saturday morning

I was up all night updating the clips, so I slept really late and I am completely out of it, but I feel like I need to get this thing going.

Last weekend we filmed episode 3 and it was a world apart from episode 2. We were so relaxed and taking breaks to talk and eat and we weren't fighting or bitching or aggravated. Stupid was very cool, the singer Dana, banged her head against Denise's mic because she got too punk. I still haven't cleaned up the matzohs she crushed from the living room. Which is really no surprise.

Last night I saw Alton Brown's Good Eats tofu episode. He did a good job, as usual, in explaining the differences between silken and firm tofu. I knew that silken had more water and that firm had the water pressed out of it, but I did not know that the vacuum packed tofu was poured in and set right in the package. His recipes didn't look so hot, a smoothie with canned fruit cocktail and lemonaide mix?! I was all like "Wha?!", because he's usually so into fresh ingredients and lemonaide mix might be as nasty as you could get. He made a chocolate tofu pie that looked good, and pan fried tofu, but it was battered with egg, which I wouldn't do but it's cool that he made tofu more accessible to everyone. I fell asleep fantasizing that Alton Brown would be on The PPK. What a peverted fantasy, don't tell my mom.