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PPK party, screening and bake sale

Spread the word! I will probably post this again as the date draws nearer, but I hope to see every single last one of you there!

Post Punk Kitchen Bake Sale and Screening Party Friday April 29th 8pm

Join The Post Punk Kitchen for an evening of beer, cupcakes and need we say more? OK we will. View 2 episodes of The PPK in beautiful Prospect Heights Brooklyn. Buy some baked treats and help us raise money to keep this Brooklyn institution in tapenade.

In the Passover show, watch Terry and Isa create Matzoh Ball Soup and Coconut Cream Pie assisted by Brooklyn's own Stupid ( Bonus: See the grudge match of the century- Stupid vs. the matzoh (the matzoh never stood a chance).

The world's finest Cuban surf rock band The Cuban Cowboys ( join Las Senoritas de la PPK in the Mexcellente show. On the menu: tamales, horchata and a George Bush Pinata.

And then we pay homage to the bands of The PPK in our favorite art form... the montage. See footage from shows past and present featuring Brooklyn bands Made out of Babies (, Man in Grey ( and Shellshocked (

The Post Punk Kitchen: America's #1 vegetarian punk rock cooking show.... because we're the only one.

Freddy's Backroom | 485 Dean Street off 6th ave, Brooklyn
Friday April 29th
8pm sharp to 10 pm

By Car take Flatbush Avenue. Dean St. and 6th Ave cross Flatbush about a half mile West of Grand Army Plaza and a mile or so East of the Manhattan Bridge.

By Subway take the 1/2 to Bergen Street; Freddy's is right around the corner. Or take practically any train in the city to Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street Stations; Walk East on Flatbush and take a left on Dean.

More info?
Contact any of these lovely young ladies
Denise Gaberman:
Niharika Desai:
Terry Hope Romero:
Isa Chandra Moskowitz:

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