isachandra (isachandra) wrote,

Bengal cats

My head tells me breeding is wrong but my heart tells me "Must have Bengal Cat"

They're a hybrid cat bred in the 1970s from an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. Some look like little cheetahs 
while others look more like leopards and still others have a more marbled pattern. I was looking at breeder's websites and some list the retirees so I don't think it would be outrageous if one of those happened to fall into my lap. A cool thing about them is that they like water, even play in it. So does Fizz  (plus he sits up in chairs), but he's just black and fluffy and constantly purring. That's why I am going to put him out in the street tonight and replace him with a Bengal kitten. Or maybe I'll dress him up in a leopard cat outfit. Either way he loses and I win.


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