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1st October 2007
2:36pm: Goodbye LiveJournal!

It's been over 3 years I think, but the time has come for the PPK journal to move on to WordPress. I'm sure you understand the reasons, I don't need to spell it out for you. I'm going to keep my LJ up and do one of those feed things, but comments will be disabled here and all the fun will be happening at my new WordPress blog. Update your bookmarks and rss feeds and all that jazz because I'm sure you don't want to miss a goddam thing I say.

Thanks to everyone who I've met here and became real and virtual friends with! I leave you with a telling fortune.

27th September 2007
6:45pm: Other people's vegan cookbooks (OPVC)

Herbivore is publishing two cookbooks that I'm really excited about by two talented cooks that I really like. First up is Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught, who I've had the pleasure to meet a couple of times in Portland as well as spend years with on the internet. She does yummy American cuisine, with (what I think of as) a Southwestern flair. Maybe I just think that because she's from Texas.

She has some recipes on her site up so go test them out!

Next up is Lauren Ulm (lolo to you)  of veganyumyum, who always astounds the entire internet with her I-wish-I-could-reach-into-the-computer-and-grab-that photography and tutorials. I'm actually going to write the foreword for that baby whether or not she wants me to.

So this is turning out to be quite a year for vegan cooking. Let the turncoats like Mollie Katzen and Peter Berley dismiss vegetarianism and promote their fictitious happy meat and animals that want to die for us. We don't need 'em.

PS We actually do need them. We need everyone. But they've been especially annoying in the press lately.
12:06am: Veganomicon sample recipes and stuff
Thanks for all the well wishes. I feel a bit better, and my mom said just to rest and not leave the house today. So I was able to update the website a bit and put up a page for Veganomicon that includes a few recipes you can sample. And because everyone was so sweet even after I called you a cheapskate, I put up the Chickpea Noodle Soup recipe, too.

Please ignore the stupid Emeril ads for chicken stock that google ads keeps filtering in. I am getting rid of those this week because they obviously don't understand veganism. Instead support the Wildwood ads, they are vegan owned and operated and their soygurt clobbers.
25th September 2007
10:48pm: Chickpea noodle soup for the vegan's soul

I've been sick. And I also broke my toe. But this soup changes everything, at least for the moment. It's in Veganomicon so you'll have to get the recipe that way you cheapskates.
22nd September 2007
4:29pm: Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes
Buckwheat has a wonderful sweet, earth flavor and aroma that makes everything smell so home-y. And it's completely gluten free, which is confusing, since the word "wheat" is in its title. I'd been toying around with a gluten free pancake recipe for awhile and nothing really sang to me, but this morning I struck gold with these babies. They're hearty pancakes for sure, but they're also light and fluffy. I think the main difference in texture between these and white flour pancakes is that they're a bit grainier and less flexible. But who cares if they're less flexible because you're not gonna' bend them, you're gonna' eat them.

The recipe has quite a few ingredients that you probably don't have laying around the house unless you're a compulsive grocery shopper (like me) or follow a gluten free diet, so if you like, you can replace the quinoa and corn flour with whole wheat pastry flour (or regular flour) and leave out the tapioca flour and flax seeds. You may need to thin the batter with a bit of water in that case. The recipe is below.

13th September 2007
12:29am: Happy pot pie season!

This is my favorite way to construct the edges of a pie crust. It's easy, you don't have to trim anything and it looks rustic yet professional. Alls you do is press the crusts together, roll the edges inward, then take a knife and firmly score the roll at an angle, all around. Try it. It's better looking than pressing with a fork and easier to pull off than pinching.

This particular pot pie has homemade seitan plus the usual suspects; peas, carrots, shallots. I used the seitan simmering broth to make the gravy, so nothing was wasted. Except for, like, my entire afternoon.
10th September 2007
12:53pm: BBG Chile Fest, Sunday Sept. 30th
Terry and I will be doing a food demo at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Chile Fiesta on Sunday Sept 30th. We'll be doing Jewish-Latin Fusion; yuca latkes with chocolate chile mole and apple salsa. Plus, we'll have mexican hot chocolate mini cupcakes to share. We're on from 4:30 to 5:15. Every year I've been there there's been a vegan chile and barn dancing under a tent. Sold?

Image stolen from hoveringdog
7th September 2007
11:46am: Pattrice Jones speeches
Pattrice Jones, author of Aftershock and founder of the Eastern Shore Sanctuary, has posted a number of talks by her and others from the AR conferences over the years. So instead of searching for 80s glam metal videos on youtube today, why not give these a listen? Pattrice is not only insightful and informative about animal and human liberation, she's also funny and engaging.

4th September 2007
7:18pm: The Veganomicon Unveiling

2 years in the making, Veganomicon has finally gone to print! It's all incredibly surreal, and probably will stay that way until I have the actual book in my hands. It almost did swallow our souls, so it is aptly named.

Some fun facts:
1) It is hardcover and although you can't tell from the photo, the cover has a shiny/matte texture that will look very fancy shmancy.

2) There are 32 color photos inside, some of which you can see here.

3) There are around 250 recipes, plus lots of variations on recipes. There is also a whole section on basics; roasting, grilling, sauteeing, steaming. These aren't exactly recipes, more like guidelines.

4) The Chickpea Cutlets will rock your socks.

5) It's currently available for pre-order on Amazon and Powells and it will be shipped in November.

6) There are user-friendly icons, so that with the flick of an eyeball muscle you'll be able to determine if a recipe is 45 minutes or under, gluten-free, soy-free, supermarket friendly and/or low-fat.

We hope it lives up to its name as the "ultimate" vegan cookbook! We really tried to give you some new and exciting things to cook, without using too many esoteric ingredients. And along with our dedicated team of testers we tested our collective butts off. We hope that you all have as much fun reading it and cooking from it as we did writing it, only minus all the pain, suffering and third degree burns that we endured.
30th August 2007
3:03pm: Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk Zine
Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk Zine: Simple Recipes For Complicated Vegans is available again, so if you missed it the first time around, seize the moment and get it. For a mere 2.50 the tempeh wings that everyone is raving about can be yours!

27th August 2007
11:10am: Seattle in an hour and a half
I've been gone for most of the summer. I'm sure you missed me. The purpose of my trip was to attend Vegan: The Gathering, a gathering (duh) organized by the PPK message boards. So I will bore you with the details of that in the following days, but right now I will just bore you with the details of my too brief pit stop in Seattle.

Last time I was there I was just a poor gutter punk, sleeping in parks and on stranger's floors, getting my boyfriend out of jail for shoplifting cigarettes at Safeway, and what have you. That was 14 years ago, but still, I liked it there. It seemed to me as east coast as a west coast city could possibly be, from the way the actual city looked - bricks, big urban parks - to the way the way the people were - they walked fast, talked fast (or at least faster than people from Oooooooregoooooon), and wore black.

I would love to spend more time there, but we really only had time for a drive by veganing. So we stopped at Wayward Cafe for brunch. Wayward is a collectively-run restaurant that serves vegan home cooking. I loved it so much in there that they could have served me a cold block of tofu and I would have been happy; bright orange walls, flyers everywhere, stuffed panda bears - if someone made a play about a collective vegan cafe the set would look just like Wayward cafe. And they were playing the Smiths, so I was in heaven.


Luckily, the food was good, too! I had fried tempeh, scrambled tofu, hummus and veggies with a side of biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were more cakey than I'm used to, but still wonderful, and even if anything wasn't wonderful the rich, luscious gravy would make up for it. And they aren't stingy with the nutritional yeast, they even trust you enough to leave out shakers so you can sprinkle it on all by yourself. Seward Cafe in Minneapolis does that, too. No place in Brooklyn would ever do that, but places like this aren't really a possibility in Brooklyn these days because Brooklyn just wants people to come here, spend all their parent's money and run back home to the midwest once their dreams are crushed and all of the bodegas have been turned into French restaurants.

Our next stop was, of course, Mighty-O Donuts.

Mighty O donuts

My heart turned into a ball of mush when I saw the place, it was like a real donut place. Like, this is what the vegan revolution will look like. Like, you could take your grandma here and not have to apologize for anything. And the donuts reminded me of my grandma, too. Old fashioned cake donuts, the kind that I longed for even in my pregan days. Not sickly sweet, not sticky and deliriously fluffy, but still light and "toothsome." We got a dozen and ate them over the course of the next few days for the long ride home through Canada. And thank god we did because if I didn't have a vegan donut while driving through Saskatchewan I might have dirven of a cliff, if there were any cliffs. But there weren't, only A&W drive-thrus. I think my favorite, if someone held a gun to my head and made me choose, was a chocolate donut with cinnamon sugar.

More pics here, if you so desire.
25th July 2007
12:03pm: VeggieAwards, you and me

Please vote for me in the VeggieAwards for favorite cookbook author! Because if I don't win I will cry as if I just watched a double feature of Life Is Beautiful and Beaches while simultaneously reading Flowers For Algernon. The Post Punk KItchen is also up for best website, but I don't expect to win that since I haven't updated the site since, like, February.

Also, if you vote you might win prizes. Who doesn't love prizes?
16th July 2007
12:14pm: Fedex and the conspiracy to silence veganism
There have been studies that show butterflies more attracted to paper butterflies that are bigger and more colorful than real butterflies, and I figured that's what was happening with my FedEx guy. He would approach the door of my building, get enraptured with a shinier buzzer than my own, ring that one, walk away in an endorphin riddled daze, forgetting to even leave a tag on my door.

But on Saturday, the day that a proofread manuscript of Veganomicon was scheduled to arrive, I knew something far more sinister was afoot. I sat here all day, tracking the package with space age technology. Running downstairs every 2 minutes just to make sure. Only to be disappointed by a 3pm update informing me that I wasn't even home. My first thought was that I was actually long dead, a ghost caught in limbo, foolishly awaiting the arrival of a package that would never come.

But then it occurred to me - FedEx hates veganism.

A quick google search confirmed my hunch. A boolean* string of "fedex veganism" turned up a mere 446,000 hits. Meanwhile, "fedex meat"... an earth shattering 1,090,000.

I immediately bitch voiced the FedEx lady and was forced to take my earthly trappings all the way to the macabre industrial park where FedEx houses their demonic minions, each keeping close eye over our packages, caressing them with their talons, grotesque mouths agape and spilling acidic drool over their surfaces. Few are allowed in and even fewer are allowed out. But it was a chance I was willing to take.

Long story short, I brought a photo ID, signed on the dotted line, picked up the package, littered in their parking lot out of spite and now I have the manuscript and can send back my edits! Note: the unicorns will not be included on the final cover.

*I don't actually know what "boolean" means.

Manuscript plus toe

Fizzle guards the Veganomicon, nay! Veganism!

It's like I'm studying for the bar
4th July 2007
2:40pm: Make it happen Bloomington!
This post was left on the PPK message boards.

Theres something new in Bloomington, it's called the Blooming-Vegan Brunch!

It is basically a party outside every Sunday serving all vegan food. The location is not important and will preferably be different every time. While it is nice outside still, it will be outdoors. In the winter, who knows.

Live music will be present. It will be non-profit. It will be fun. We want ideas and creative people, this will hopefully become something bigger than what it sounds like right now. The possibilities are endless and theres no way for us to limit what will happen. So anything you want to make happen will likely happen, as long as you make it happen.... know what I mean?

I'm looking for anyone that wants to be involved. There are tons of ways to contribute including cooking, making decisions, pulling strings and as previously mentioned, making shiitake happen.

Email us at BloomingVeganBrunch@gmail.com with interests or questions!

The Art-Official Crew
19th June 2007
1:52pm: Help Food Fight Grocery get a new door
Some jerks smashed the glass in their front door yesterday. It wasn't me! I was in Brooklyn!

Why not go buy a couple of cookbooks? Doesn't the Rabbit Food cookbook look good?

Or perhaps a totebag?
18th June 2007
5:42pm: Dinner, music and maaaybe revolution
I suck. I should have posted this weeks ago but I have the weight of the world on my shoulders or at least the weight of the Veganomicon manuscript, and hot damn that forker is heavy.

This Thursday June 21st 7 pm at Vox Pop we're going to have dinner and the soothing punk rock of Eric Petersen. Yeah, Cortelyou Road is the new Ludlow Street. Next thing we know there's gonna be a vegan restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, that's how we'll know that everything is over and it really is time to move to Queens.

I'm not sure what dinner will be yet, perhaps a homemade Thai Curry? There will also be Dog Fish Head beer on tap!
8th June 2007
12:38pm: Vegan Culinary Activism in 10 Yummy Steps
A little article I wrote for Satya's final issue.

Vegan food is too inconvenient. It just doesn’t taste good. How many times have you heard something along those lines? It seems too many conversations about animal liberation end with those deal-breakers. Now imagine a world where we didn’t have to deal with all that, where going vegan is welcoming, fun and, most importantly, delicious. Today it’s easy enough to look around and see that America is a much more vegan-friendly place than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Supermarkets are stocked with vegan burgers, tofu, tempeh and other protein-rich foods. Cafés offer soymilk, tofu cream cheese for your morning bagel and the occasional vegan muffin. Maybe even your meatball lovin’ grandma enjoys vegan ice cream.

The thing is, just seeing the word vegan—in the supermarket, at bake sales and cafés—is doing more than we know to promote veganism. People are often turned off by images of downed cows and debeaked chickens, and, of course, they should be. But while most people know in their hearts harming animals is wrong, their reaction more often than not is to turn away rather than to turn vegan. Presenting the vegan lifestyle in a positive light makes thinking about it easier. The more readily available vegan food is, the more the word vegan is out there and associated with something positive and yummy, the easier the transition will be. That is where culinary activism comes into play!

Every time I hear animal rights activists engaging in heated debate, I want to shout, “Shut the hell up and go invent a good tasting soy cheese!” Because it’s true, without one we are doomed. Of course, we can’t all invent a good tasting soy cheese (but can someone? Please?), so I humbly offer 10 steps even the most activist-phobic among us can use to help create a vegan world. While these things may seem obvious, maybe even insignificant in light of what animals are going through every day, look at it as a chipping away at our meat and dairy based culture.

Also, dealing with issues of animal abuse can take a toll on a person’s psyche, make us cynical, depressed and, worst of all, make us lose hope. It’s important that we keep our spirits up, and sometimes seeing the words “Vegan Muffin!” in a bakery’s display case can feel like reading a newspaper headline declaring “Bush Impeached!”

To that end, here are 10 yummy ways to do your part in creating the vegan world we all want to live in.

28th May 2007
4:08pm: A vegan cooking show? In Brooklyn?

No, I mean, a whole nother vegan cooking show in Brooklyn! Learn how to fight zombies and make ice cream! (Hint: You need a cast iron pan for one and 2 tin cans for the other.) If you can't see the video below, click the comments and you'll be able to see it.

From Vegan Hedonism.
24th May 2007
2:40pm: The good, the bad and the gummy

My feet feel like two blocks of pressed tofu but all the things considered I think that the NY Magazine event was a success. I'll start with the bad - even though I listed the good first. 1) The event started late and even though the kitchen was prepared to serve everything, we served about an hour later than we were supposed to. A lot of the food came out cold and the matzoh balls got gummy. And cold. 2) I think that some tables got screwed and had courses skipped or got less food because there were more people at their tables. We actually had extra food sitting downstairs for tables that got skimped out on but no one ever got them!

So because of the late start time I was kind of stressed out. My mom came downstairs to the kitchen to tell us that everyone was happy and enjoying themselves and the food, but she's my mom! She isn't gonna throw a cold tempura mushroom at me. And then my publisher came down and said the same. Chance of him throwing a cold tempura mushroom at me: only about 4% more likely. I read the reviews on Brooklyn Vegan and some were pretty bad, but studies have shown anonymous people on the internet to be 113% meaner than the general populace. When I combine the data from those factors I can easily grade everything as a solid B.

It seems like everyone had fun, and that is probably the most important part. Man Man was more insane than a drum circle in Tompkins Square Park in 1992. But they sounded awesome and there wasn't a random guy playing "the bottle." (ie: tapping his empty 40 with a stick) They just may be my favorite newish band lately, besides the Prids.

I also saw some guy fall of his chair. If that isn't a measure of success then I don't know what is.

There are some pics up at NYC nosh, like this one:

Shiitake Tempura
21st May 2007
11:26am: Meat Eating Parents Starve Baby!
Enough with this vegan parent baby killers thing already. I probably get 10 angry emails a day about it, all of which I ignore along with the emails about canine teeth, lack of protein and instructions directly from god to eat meat. But this op ed piece by Nina Planck really bugged me. I wrote a response to it elsewhere, but I'm posting it here for good measure.

For starters, Nina Planck, is not a doctor or even a nutritionist. She is a business woman whose business is selling meat and dairy to people, including her book about why meat and dairy are good for you.

There are plant sources for DHA yet she chooses to omit that fact. She does say that plant sources for essential amino acids are "inferior in quantity and quality" but offers no evidence of this. Probably because there is actually no evidence of this. Humans can synthesize enough DHA from eating plant sources rich in Omega-3s, like flax seeds. So if the mom is eating her omega-3s and breast feeding, DHA levels should be sufficient and free of mercury and other toxins that a fish-heavy diet would surely contain. However, I'm not a doctor, so here is an article about vegan pregnancy and infancy by someone who is.

She says that this has happened three times in four years, but I can think of only one other case where the parents actually were actually feeding their child cod fish liver oil and so this seems to directly contradict Nina's assertions that fish oils would have saved the baby. It also contradicts the very notion that this baby was fed a vegan diet.

Also, how many babies starved at the hand of omnivorous parents in the past 4 years? I bet that Nina doesn't have those statistics at hand. "Meat Eating Parents Starve Baby" doesn't make a very good headline. Also, how many vegan babies did not die of starvation in the past 4 years? Again, that would probably not make a very sexy headline either.

Finally, I just want to add some anecdotal evidence into the mix. The vegan children that I know have all been vibrant, happy and healthy. If anything good can come of this recent tragedy it will be that some responsible reporter somewhere in the world will decide to do a story about them.

Who are these elusive happy, healthy vegan mom and baby?
14th May 2007
12:35pm: No Death, No Dinner

I bit the "ethical omnivorism" bullet. As you probably have noticed, I tend not to talk politics, instead opting to make yummy vegan food and force feed it to people. But jewcy.com asked me to debate a yoga guy about ethical meat eating and I said yes. What followed was a few days long email debate, which you can read here. Only the first 2 emails are there so far, the rest will be up this week. Jewcy introduced me as a utilitarian, which I'm not really, but whatever.
8th May 2007
1:11pm: Vegan Secret Dinner Wed. 5/23 - don't miss it for reals!
New York magazine asked me to host this vegan dinner party on May 23rd, and gave me the free range to come up with a creative menu that fit with their theme. I can't give you all the details but think Asian Bat Mitvah!

We are having our event at a yet to be disclosed location, and if you buy a ticket, you'll be getting an e-mail from me 24 hours in advance with the location, the menu, and some fun places to hit up before the dinner party.  Before this event gets too public, I wanted to give you, my loyal friends, cooking partners, and readers, the chance to buy a ticket!  Its $35 bucks, and you get a multi-course meal, open bar, dance floor and the delicious tunes of Man Man!

Buy your tickets today between 3 and 6 to make sure you get a seat!

Here are the details again:
Who: Post Punk Kitchen
What: A dinner party
When: May 23rd, 2007 from 7:30 to 11:00
Where: We're not telling
Why: Because you want yummy food
How: Go to nymag.com/nyxny to buy a ticket for $35

The charitable partmer for this event is NY Cares.
7th May 2007
1:39pm: May 23rd - vegan dinner night, save the date!
I can't tell you the exact details yet but this is going to be awesome.  NY Magazine and NY Cares are hosting a vegan dinner with awesome music and an open bar and a dance floor. Tickets will be 30 bucks. I wish I could tell you all the details now because it's just insanely ridiculously awesome, like the vegan bat mitvah I never had. But I can't tell you the details. Yet.  But save the date! And save up 30 dollars!


This link will take you to the event page, if you try to buy tickets right now it will say it's sold out, but it's not. I'll give more details sometime this week. Seriously - save the date like crazy.
3rd May 2007
10:06pm: Brunch again - this Sunday 5/6 at Vox Pop in Brooklyn

The last brunch went so well that we're making it a regular thing. So show up this Sunday May 6th between 11am and 1pm  to get your vegan waffle on.

The menu is the same - Breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu, homefries, tempeh bacon, salsa fresca (that's fresh salsa to you, bub) and guacamole


Pumpkin waffles with apple butter, vanilla soy yogurt and the freshest fruit that Brooklyn has to offer

We're raising the price to 8 bucks, but it's a benefit for Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, so I won't be lining my own pockets with your hard earned cash.

I hope to see you there!

Vox Pop website for directions and what have you.

Happy brunchers from last time